Friday, November 27, 2009

Jonah is Walking

Jonah is now walking. He is so cute. Today he was sitting next to me on the couch and stood up. He came into my lap, gave me a sweet hug and then a kiss. He is only 11 months old. I am still working with him to say grandpa.

Rebekah is sweet as ever. She still picks on her little brother but it could be a lot worse. I can tell she loves her brother and Jonah sure watches everything Rebekah does.

Being a grandpa is so cool.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brenda's Birthday


A picture these days of Brenda is not complete without Mike.

Brenda was born at the Northridge Hospital and was 3 weeks overdue. When she was born, she was extremely large and came out face first. I guess she could not wait to see the world. She was actually born with Sue straddling the gurney and delivery table and no doctor present. Sue was in some distress and as soon as Brenda popped out the nurses handed her to me in order to take care of Sue. I held my beautiful goopy daughter for the first time and she right away opened her eyes and just looked at me.

As a little girl she had wild curly hair. We would take her to a public place, such as Disneyland, and we would often get people coming up to us wanting to take her picture. She was a handful growing up. She got lost once at Magic Mountain and another time trick-or-treating at the mall. She backed Sue’s car into a brick mailbox and would not come home that night until we went and got her. She once was hit while driving and her car ended up in the front of a building on Ventura Blvd.Somehow she managed to grow up and met Mike in High School. They were married almost two years ago on a cruise ship off the Mexican coast.

Today she lives in Simi Valley as the happy couple were able to purchase a home earlier this year. Brenda works with me and has turned into a beautiful caring woman. We love you Brenda.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Banking Blunders

So if you have seen my bank postings in the past, you will know nothing has changed. I received a letter from the IRS last week stating I owe $600 in taxes for 2007 because I under reported my interest, as reported by Bank of America. Just like 2006, for 2007 the bank for fools treated two of my mother's accounts as mine. Since the bank fired all the premier bankers (another stupid act on their part), I am forced to deal with the local branch of idiots.

A week ago Saturday I was giving the bank the benefit of the doubt and went to talk to my bank. I approached the desk and a woman asked what I needed help with. I said I needed the bank to fix their mistake and she pointed to the guy at the other desk and said he will be right with me. He turned around and gave her the stare of death. Then she went back to her desk and looked like she was playing on the Internet. 10 minutes later she walked behind the teller area and the other fellow came over and said he will be another 15-20 minutes with his customer. I asked who the woman was and he said the manager. I said shouldn't she have helped me. He replied she was in meetings all day and was busy. Do I wear a stupid sign around my neck? Meetings all morning on a Saturday? I don't think so.

Five minutes later, after I had waited 15 minutes, she came back and asked what I needed help with. I explained the issue and she said we need to talk with the tax people. DUH! She then went to her desk and called the number and of course no one was there on a Saturday. She gave me number to call on Monday.

I called the number and said I needed to get my 2007 1099 fixed. She went on about how I need to go to option whatever on the Links program and I said I have no idea what she is talking about. She asked if I was from a branch. I said, No I am a customer. Oh, what state are your in. I said California and she said she was in Kansas City and could not help me. So why did the manager of the branch give me her number? DUH! She transferred me to the California department.

When that lady answered the first thing she said was I need to go to my branch. Definately not what I wanted to hear. Now I lost it and started angrily explaining I had been there and they were a bunch of idiots who get everything wrong they do for me. I said this is the bank's mistake and I want it fixed. Then she appoligized and said she would help me. So why didn't she say that to begin with instead of saying I needed to go to my branch? DUH! She took my information and "placed an order".

The next day some other guy calls me and asks if there were two accounts or one. I said two and that I gave them to the other person yesterday. Oh, I have both accounts. DUH!. Then he calls back 5 minutes later and says he needs to send my mom a W9. I said, you realize this is the bank's mistake and her name is on the account. DUH!. He said he still needs to send her the W9.

My next CD with B/A matures in 3 weeks. It will be removed immediately from the Bank of Fools.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Non-thinkers are all around us

As most people are aware. especially those that know me well, I have an issue with Non-thinkers. I used to call them stupid people but I realize that is a little harsh and many non-thinkers can actually be smart, they just don't know how to apply the knowledge they have.

Where I work we are lucky to have a subtenant, Buddy Ben, who decided he did not have to pay rent. Ben kept giving us promise and after promise and we could "stanz it no more". We took him to court and got an immediate judgment without even having a trail. Anyway, Buddy Ben in his haste backed his truck right into the rear of my Infiniti G35 Coupe. If it weren't for another person in the car he probably would not have even told me. Ben scraped by bumber real good and his trailer hitch put a hole right through it. In his case I shall refer to him as a stupid person as he gets no respect and fits the title. I made an insurance claim with my carrier, Mercury, and filed a claim against his insurance carrier, Farmers.

I went to what I thought was a good body shop recommended by Mercury and got a quote, submitted it to Farmers and was told Farmers accepted everything. Then before I even took my car in to the shop Farmers has already paid the body shop. I guess they figure I no longer had a choice where to take it - "non-thinkers". So I took my car to the shop on Monday and was told it would take 3-4 days. On thursday, day 4, I called the shop to see when the car would be done. This is how the conversation went.

"Is my car done, I was told it would be 3-4 days and this is day 4"
"Oh, we were going to call you. There is a little problem"
"But you didn't call me, I called you. What is the problem and status?"
"We have not even begun the work yet because Farmers has not approved the cost."
"WHAT? The car is to be done today. What do you mean Farmers did not approve the cost? They already paid you"
"They did? Hang on" NON-THINKER!

Person 2 gets on the phone.
"We did get the check last week from Farmers".
"I know you did, so how can you say Farmers did not approve the estimate when they already paid it?"
"The estimate was for Mercury and since we are an authroized Mercury repair facility Farmers is not entitled to the discount. We have this problem all the time. Farmers also subtracts the cost of the little parts from what they want to pay. We are waiting for a Farmers representative to come out and inspect the car."
"Inspect it for what? They already approved the work, hence the check. This is unacceptable and you need to get Farmers on the line now to resolve this. Why didn't you call me the day I brought it in instead of me having to call you they day it was to be finished?"

Now an intelligent person might ask, if the quote was for Mercury and not Farmers, and they were told I would be going through Farmers, why did they not call Farmers and resolve this when they got the check and before I took in the car? Reason - they are Non-thinkers.

I called Farmers myself:
"I want to find out what the issue is on my car. I am the innocent party and expect my car to be repaired well and in a timely manner."
"I'm sorry sir, but we (Farmers) is waiting for the body shop to send us the revised quote."
"What? The body shop tells me they sent you the quote and they are waiting on Farmers to send someone out to inspect the car."
"We do not need to inspect the car."
"This is unacceptable. I need my car and it has been in the shop for 4 days and they have not even started the work. You (Farmers) need to call them right now and resolve this." NON-THINKERS

End result, my car will be in the shop for at least another week with a bunch of Non-thinkers in charge. I bet I end up with a Pinto when I get it back.

So I now add to the list of companies that hire non-thinkers insurance companies and auto body shops. Leading the list is still banks and cell phone carriers. Case in point, I got a letter from the IRS this week saying I owe $600 in taxes for 2007. Just like 2006, good old Bank of America screwed up on my 1099 and used my social security number for interest that belonged to my mother. Now I have to deal with the IRS too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Big Surprise

So why the look of surprise and shock on my lovely wife's face? About March, Sue and I decided to book a cruise to New England to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. A few weeks later my daughter Katy approached me with a desire and idea of surprising Sue with a special gift. While we were on our cruise we would have our kitchen completely remodeled. Being the tighwad I am and having a job that is uncertain, I thought for quite a while about this. Then as I looked at the 25 year old cabinets, the floor peeling up, and the walls a mess I decided to do it. I figure I am either the bravest husband in the world of the stupidest to remodel a kitchen in secrecy from my wife, especially a dear wife that is practically a professional chef. With a lot of faith and a tremondous amount of help from Katy, Brenda, Steven, and Mike we set out on the project.

I had one week to get eveything done but with some planning and thinking I scheduled my annual visit to the New York office to add 3 days. We found a cabinet place that for a reasonable price would sell, install, an demolish the old cabinets. We picked out the style (from a limited choice) but felt confident Sue would like them. Then under pretence took Sue to a granite yard to get her thoughts on what she liked. We spent a lot of time at Home Depot deciding on the floor tile, sink, drink cooler, and other things. All this without Sue knowing about it. We even made a trip to Living Spaces to find the table unit. Sue wanted a high table and chairs so we could have a bar area at the counter. We visited a lamp store and surprisingly decided within 5 minutes of what we wanted, and they were even on sale.

As we got closer we needed to decide on the granite. Katy was able to borrow a cabinet door and we revisted the granite yard. We held the door up to our first choice and it did not match well. The granite we picked out was on Sue's list, maybe #2 or #3. When we held up the cabinet Katy and I knew almost immediately that was the one. We bought a big slab and some left over pieces from another job. It was stored at the yard and Brenda arranged for the installer.

After much deliberation, we decided on the floor tile. We knew how much we needed and the store in Simi Valley (where Brenda lives) did not have enough. We bought what they had and stored it at Brenda's house. When we bought the table there was another Home Depot next door and of course they did not have enough either so we bought all they did have. Then we went to the Home Depot by my house and again they were short. We bought all they had and visited the next Home Depot close to my house. They had the balance of what we needed. We felt the tile went very well with the granite and cabinets. We wanted a darker color since the cabinets and granite was lighter.

I left the paint color up to Brenda, Katy , and Steven. While we were off cruising the kids and BJ, our contractor, worked night and day getting it done. The demolishion happened the day we left. I cannot express the love and thanks to Katy, Brenda Steven, Mike and Danior, for all they did and the time they put forth. I am informed how much work Steven and Mike did working hard until the early morning hours. While we were cruising they were working so hard while we were relaxing and having fun. About five times Sue said on the cruise I looked like I was not having fun. Sue was totally unaware of my worry about what was taking place at home.
When we got home, before we entered the house I told Sue I had bought a special anniversary gift but it did not arrive in time for our anniversary or for our cruise. I walked her in with her eyes closed, told her how much we all love her, and let her open her eyes. She gasped for air and was totally speechless. Compared to what we had before, the project ended up just beautiful. I am still looking for the before pictures I took.
We love you Sue. Happy anniversary.
During the planning, there we many instances of little fibs in order to keep the surprise. I hereby make a total confession including:
1) answers to why Brenda and Katy called
2) fibbing about seeing a big lizard near our backyard storage space. We had items stored in the shed and knowing Sue's fear of lizards if she beleived there was one there she would not go near it.
3) explantions on why I was late coming home from work.
4) explanations on why I needed her car and used her gas
5) explanations on why I visited Brenda's home
6) explanations on why I had to borrow the company delivery van
7) explanation on why I cashed in credit card points for a check
8) statements about "someday" we might be able to remodel the kitchen.
just to name a few

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Cruise

To celebrate our 30th anniversary we took a New England cruise with our normal cruise line, Princess. We left August 22 out of the Brooklyn port. Boy is Brooklyn a scummy city. We actually flew into New York a few days earlier so 1) I could visit the office in Holbrook (Long Island) and 2) to allow more time for our secret project (post to follow). We were a little worried as hurricane Bill was approaching the New England area.

Because of the hurricane, instead of setting sail at 5:00 pm, we stayed in New york for the night and set sail in the morning for Boston. We were scheduled to first visit Newport, Rhode Island but we had to skip that port to let the hurricane get in front of us. When we did set sale it was a pretty rough ride. All over the ship were roped off "Sanitation Areas", a.k.a. barf zones.

In Boston we took a tour of the historic sites including the Old North Church (1 if by land, 2 if by sea), the old Trinity Church where the Boston Tea Party was started, and various other sites of the city. We really enjoyed our excursion.

We set sail that evening for Bar Harbor, Maine, or as they call it Baa-Habaa. Here we took an excursion into Acadia National Park, and saw the location where one day earlier some people died being washed out by high hurricane waves. We went to the top of the mountain with a nice view of the harbor.

I find as I get older I am becoming more aggrevated with stupid people and stupid questions. At the top of the mountain one elderly lady asked if that was our cruise ship down there. Duh.....I am ashamed but the only thing that came to my mind was to say "did you see any other Princess cruise ships in the harbor when we left."

We set sail that evening for the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Here is where the hurricane ended up and we were blessed with the remnant storm. Not too bad, just a little rain. The Bay of Fundy has the largest tide swings in the world, about 30 feet. When we were there, we passed through a nice village called St. Martins and when we hit the beach the tide was out. We were basically on the bottom of the ocean floor.

Then we set sail for Halifax, Nova Scotia. We were on a photographers tour which was a dud. No professional photographer and we just went to the standard tourist sites with 5,000 other people. We still had a nice time.

We were at sea all the next day one way back to Brooklyn. We had to wait about 5 hours in the airport for our long flight home. During the cruise, Sue kept saying I did not look like I was having fun. Little did she know why (I was all stressed out about what was happening back at home). The best thing about cruising is just being together 24/7. The food is great (and lots of it) and the entertainment, well its a cruise ship. Our waiter really like Sue and I think he was hitting on her. He is lucky I did not deck him.

This was our 6th cruise and we came home to an incredible surprise for Sue.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aug. 11, 1979

30 years ago today Sue and I were married in the Los Angeles Temple.

I was barely 20 and Sue was only 19. We had been dating for about 3 years. We woke up early on the Saturday morning and rode to the temple with Sue's brother, Steve and his wife Nancy. It was a nice sealing but hardly any guests were there. My family could not go although my mom waited outside on the temple grounds. Only John, Steve and Nancy could enter the temple and I recall Nancy's parents were also there.

When were at the temple waiting for the sealing I was on one bench and Sue was on another. They forgot about us and we waited for over an hour. I was wondering what was wrong with Sue and vice versa. After the sealing we had the usual pictures on the temple grounds and Nancy's parents provided lunch for us all. Then we went to Steve and Nancy's home for more pictures and the reception.

I recall my mom's cousin saying it was the nicest and most relaxed reception she has eve been to. We went on our honeymoon for a few days to San Diego. It has been 30 years of a wonderful marriage. I love you Suzanne with all my heart. We are celebrating our anniveresay with a New England cruise next week.

As I reflect on that day 30 years ago, I cannot overlook the love and generousity of Steve and Nancy. They provided and paid for almost all of the wedding costs. Then a year later helped us again when we lost our first daughter at childbirth. Even though they have moved up to Northern California, they are and always will be an integral part of our lives.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today Is August 2. Only 2 1/2 weeks before we leave on our business trip/vacation. So what happens to prepare us? I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday with the worst back pain I can ever remember. I was tempted to go to the emergency room right then. In the moring (Friday) I got a very early moring emergency appointment and found out I have a 3mm kidney stone. I can't express how fun the last two days have been.

Sue has been during her job with her persistant counseling (aka nagging). If she does not see me with some water she gets all over me. I was pretty concerned as I probably drank about 2 gallons and could not pee. Then it was finally like a waterfall. I will not share the details of my pee but it was not pretty. The doctor gave me some Vycodin (SP?) that made me really feel crappy. Made me dizzy and gave me some nice barfing episodes. Did great for the pain.

Now it is Sunday morning and I have not had a pain pill since midnight. Still hurts a little but not bad. My pee is much cleaner so maybe, just maybe I am past the worst of it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Coming

Only 5 more weeks until my dear wife and I depart for New York for a New England Cruise. We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Not bad for two 39 year-olds. We leave the middle of August a few days earlier than the crusie so I can visit the company's office for a few days. Then on Saturday we set sail (so to speak) on the Caribbean Princess for 7 days.

(Stock Photo)

While we are gone Steven is is charge of the house. We better not find any dead critters in the yard or evidence of any wild parties.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

3-day weekends are great. It was busy and the best part was that Katy, Danior, and the kids were over each day. Katy and Danior were mostly working on a project.

Sunday we found the swimming pool we got for Rebekah last year and after patching a small leak we filled it up with water. Even Jonah got to play in the water.

Rebakah likes to splash, especially when grandpa is next to her.

The bathing beauty, perhaps a future Miss America?

Sue and I are starting to get excited for our next cruise. Our 30th anniversay is in August and we are celebrating with a New England cruise that leaves on August 22nd. We will leave a few days earlier so I can visit our office there on Long Island.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hunington Library

So Sue is off work for the week and I decided to take the week off too. Today we visited the Huntington Library in San Marino. Steven came along for the visit. I highly recommend this for anyone who has not been there before. It has a reasonable admission price and just a beautiful place to visit. They have an art museum as equal to the Getty and an incredible manuscript collection including a Guttenburg bible.

Two of the most famous paintings of all time are at this museum. One is Blue Boy which became famous when Huntington paid $700,000 for it, the most ever paid for a painting at that time. Know a days it is probably worth $700 million.

The second painting is Pinkie. The colors in the painting are magnificant.

The grounds are sitting on over 270 acres and the flower gardens are to behold. This is my favorite picture of the flowers that I took.

One flower that makes the gardens famous is the "Corpse Flower". The Simpsons had an episode after this flower. It is just about to bloom which is a rare occurance. The last time it bloomed was in 2002. The flower is over six feet tall and when it blooms it emits an odor like rotten meat.

They have a nice Japanese garden. Lucky me, I found the most beautiful woman at the place to have my picture taken with.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family updates

Katy celebrated her birthday at our house. A magic bullet (blender) was top on her want list.

Jonah tried the baby swing for the first time. He seems to really enjoy it.

Rebekah discovered a new way to get in and out of the backyard.

Rebekah being the great big sister she is teached Jonah the art of being a TV couch potato.

The proud grandma.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Banking update

A continuation of my last post. I got fed up with complaining about Bank of America and decided to do something about it. Sue and I opened up new accounts Friday with Wells Fargo. Seriously, I am not convinced Wells Fargo is any better but at least I can send B/A a message that if they do not want my money they won't get it.

So we went to Wells Fargo and set up accounts and what did we find? Someone else (two people) had already used my social security number with the bank. One name was the same person who used my number two years ago with Bank of America (my bank) and WaMu. One account was inactive and the other never went active. I figure they ran the number through the credit agency, saw the fraud alert already set up and he people bolted. Now I get to deal with Wells Fargo about the fraud issue.

Today we went back to B/A to resolve the service fee issue. It was reversed but they guy had no idea what I was talking about when I said they had it linked wrong with my CD's. I figure I will be back next month for the same thing. I closed out one CD to move over to Wells Fargo. We figured we would try out the bank first before move all the accounts. Now all I need to do is keep the checkbook away from Sue as she wants to use the CD money to get a new car. I asked about our account that now has a zero percent interest rate and got no where. It is an "Investment" account and the fellow "did not have the proper license" to help me. I already closed out the account on Friday anyway.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

B/A Strikes Out

Bank of America is getting progressively worse. The Feds have determined the bank is still undercapitalized. I take this with a grain of salt as the Feds are being run by Obama and they use an unrealistic worse-case scenario that will never happen. Nevertheless, the bank has received almost $100 billion now in federal aide which will most likely turn into equity owned by the Feds. Does anyone think I want Obama and the demorats (spelling intentional) controlling my money?

In addition to problems as outlined by my blog post a few weeks ago, B/A has now struck out. Due to the banks mistake I got hit with a $20 service fee this month. I rolled some CD's over last month and the moron changed the link to the wrong checking account, thus the fee. Besides, who believes $20 a month is a reasonable fee?

Then today I get a "Maximizer" statement in the mail which I have several thousand dollars saved up. I notice the interest posted is $0. Then in the fine print it says due to current economic conditions the interest rate is now 0%. This is a "Maximizer" account? I hate to think what the regular rate is. One might ask if the bank were lowing the rate to zero, or more appropriately eliminating interest, why wouldn't they notify me in advance so I can do something else with my money? "Economic conditions" is synonomous with Demorats as the Federal Reserve interest rate, which controls the bank rates, has not decreased in months.

Seriously, who is running the company? What is he smoking? Does he really think the bank can charge people 18% plus on credit cards while taking their money in savings accounts and not pay the customer any interest at all? Doesn't he realize people have choices in choosing a bank?

I am open and asking for suggestions where to move my money.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Family Fun

Easter at the Shisley home is always fun. The family came over and we had the usual Easter Egg coloring contest. Past years while Steven was on his mission he was always the judge. Now that he has returned I am the judge and for some reason my eggs always win.

Danior was having lots of fun.

On April 17th I had my 50th birthday. Sue planned a small get together with some of our closest friends and the family. Rebekah seemed to like the cake.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So Many Years

Last Friday I turned 50 years young. Sue invited a few of our closest friends over for a little get together, along with the family. We had a fun time. Thanks to everyone that came over. Here is a short recap of the good and bad for each decade:

1950's - I was born and lived in the 50's for less than a year. We lived on Clarendon St. in Woodland Hills. No memories as I was very young when I was born.

1960's - Great childhood. My parents treated me with love and kindness. I started swimming with a team and spent many weekends at swim meets. In Elementary School I started to play the flute. I aslo played on t-ball teams. Great decade.

1970's - mixed events. In the first half of the decade my parents split up and my dad died in 1976. We moved to Granada Hills after AI graduated from El Camino in 1976. Hard times were afloat. I was active in school bands and the ECR swim team. Met a gorgeous blonde in high school and married her in 1979. Drove a hot 1968 Camaro, oh how I wish I still had that car.

1980's - great decade. Focused on raising the family. We lost our first daughter, Robin, during childbirth in 1980. Katy was born in 1981, Brenda in 1982, and Steven in 1985. We moved in to our house in Woodland Hills. No money for the entire decade. Graduated from CSUN with a degree in accounting and became a CPA. Started working with Pacific Theatres in the accounting department.

1990's - good decade. Focused mostly on raising the kids and building a carrier. Still no money. No time for anything. Just work, work, and more work.

2000's - good decade (so far). Changed jobs which was way past overdue. Katy got married and had two kids (so far). Brenda got married. Steven went on a mission. Sue and I went on our first cruise for our 25th anniversary and have been hooked ever since.

So far I have no major regrets in life. Only real regret is staying with my Pacific Theatres job too long. I have three incredible children and two wonderful grandchildren. My wife is the most wonderful, loving, giving, kind, beautiful, thoughtful, caring, fun woman in the world. I have a good job. I feel the love of my Heavenly Father in my life. I am ready to enjoy the next 50 years. My goal is to live long enough to bankrupt the Pacific Theatre's pension fund.

I bestow my love to all my friends and family.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bank of America Woes

A few weeks ago we lost our Becky, our premier banker with B/A. In the bank's wisdom, they eliminate the premier banking group and put me back with 1) the regular banking, or 2) the investment group. Don't really know which since the bank has yet to notify me the premier banking group no longer exists. I know because Becky and I talked. Let's look at these two options logically. 1) Taking something away from a valuable customer is never a good way to run a business. Now that I do not have someone to help me with my banking needs, why would I be incentivised to stay with B/A? 2) Putting me back into the investment group, the Merryl Linch team that ran that company into bankruptcy, is not exactly the group of people I want managing my money.

Case in point. Instead of calling Becky to renew Steven's CD we had to go talk to someone at our branch. Seeing how we both work everyday that only leaves Saturday available to do such. We went in the bank for a simple 20 minute transaction that ended up taking 1 1/2 hours. The fellow had no idea what he was doing and had to get his manager at least five times. Then somehow B/A managed to get my profile messed up and had the wrong SS number. Would they believe me to fix it? Heck no. I had to drive all the way home, get my SS card, and drive back to the bank. One might ask why not believe the customer when he tells you they are wrong. I think I gave him my ID 4 times. He then wants to verify my SS number so he says it loud enough for everyone in the bank to hear it. He kept saying how he was concerned about security and wanted to make sure everything was right. He said, for example, they need 2 sets of ID's to set up a new account (in this case a new CD). I said, but....., with your concerns about security, why didn't you ask to see the social security card (for Steven's account). They believed Steven when he said what his SS number was but would not believe me when I told them they had mine incorrect. That is how someone opened an account under their ID while using my SS number about two years ago. That person had picture ID, not in my name of course, and since B/A took her word for the SS number without verification her fraudulent activity got pegged to me.

I hope Becky lands a new job quickly with a local bank. B/A's days of having my money may shortly coming to an end. Only trouble is that most banks aren't much better. Too many "non-thinkers" is these position.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Family Fun

I am a little late but here are a few pictures from Rebekah's birthday party. Mike did the bbq cooking and just could not wait to taste his masterpieces. He is the best Barbeque-er in the family.

Robert's mom Lenore enjoyed holding her great-grandson Jonah.

Rebekah opened her presents. Can you tell if she liked the Little Einstien's computer from grandma and grandpa?

We recently had a great visit by Sue's niece, Jen and her three children Eli, Aive, and Caroline. the kids were so sweet and well behaved. Here they are watching TV with Rebekah. Thanks Jen for the fun visit. Come again soon.

Jonah is getting bigger and cuter. Grandpa is his favorite.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Too Funny to be True

So today we went out to dinner to PF Changs and Steven told us a story that happened today. While he was teaching a student driver he saw a lady crossing the street who dropped some dollars in the street. She climbed on a bus before he could tell her. About an hour later he was driving down the same street and the dollars were still there. He pulled his car up, stopped, and opened his door retrieving the few dollars.

We were still talking about this and how funny it was as we walked back to the car. He was joking about the money still being there and how no one looks down while they walk. I said I do because I don't like to trip or step in a hole. Just then I saw some money on the ground. I picked it up and it was 3 $100 bills. One for each of us. No one was in sight and since it in a drive-way of a mall parking lot we ended up with a nice night out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Princess

So....I am convinced we have the cutest granddaughter in the world. Afterall, what would you expect from a little girl with Sue's genetic makeup? Rebekah loves the Disney princesses, especially Cinderella and Snow White. Her Aunt Brenda bought her a Cinderella dress that she wears all the time at her house. At grandma and grandpa's house she has a Snow White Dress.

Recently a very dear friend of ours gave us a little slide set for the kids. Rebekah took right to it. It is the perfect size for the patio or inside of the house. Rebekah really enjoys it even when it is raining outside.

Rebekah has also discovered how fun a swing can be. She has been reluctant to try one and all of a sudden she loves it. Again, the cutest granddaughter in the world.

Finally, some great news which is hard to come by these days. Brenda and Mike are now home owners. They purchased a house in Simi Valley and moved in last Saturday. They needed to replace all the flooring, bathroom fixtures, and the kitchen; plus a lot of painting. End result is a very nice home. Congratulations.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Trip to the Zoo

Saturday Sue and I were graciously allowed to take Rebekah to the zoo while Katy was at a baby shower. Boy did we have a great time. We got there pretty close to opening at 10 o'clock.

The Flamingos have been near the entrance for many years. I think the smell has not changed in 20 years. Perhaps with the city's budgetary constraints they have not even cleaned the place in 20 years.

What big smiles on the faces of the girls.

Rebekah liked the Kangaroo, maybe because she associates the beast with Winnie the Pooh. Rebekah refused to ride in the stroller. She had to be a big girl and walk. She wanted to hold both our hands and do the cheat thing where we lift her up. We knew we were in for a long day.

She really liked the gorillas. I pointed out the daddy, mommy, and baby. She was fun to watch as she commented on everything they did.

The zebras were fun. All they did was huddle near the back and eat.

Rebekah saw another little kid walking on the curb. That of course meant she had to do it. Look at the concentration on her face.

The giraffe's were well received. Rebekah kept calling them zebras. I would remind her they are giraffes. She would say "Raff" and then call them zebras again. Another little boy her age came up and also called them zebras. His mother laughed and said he always calls the zebras.

We gave Rebekah a bottle of water and discovered that she cannot walk and drink at the same time without walking like a clutz. After about 3 hours at the zoo she finally got real tired and we went to get some food. Memo to self-next time bring our own food. The food was more than twice the admission. Rebekah got a Monkey Meal.

Notice the small mark under her eye. At one point Rebekah start to run down a hill and did a slide into first thing. So much for us taking care of her in the future.