Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break

Sue is on spring break so I took the opportunity to take three days off work. For all three days we had the pleasure of watching Rebekah and Jonah all day. What a blast this was, although we are getting reminded over and over again we are not as young as we used to be. I just don't know how Katy does this all day long, or how my dear wife managed three children all at once.
Rebekah and Jonah both love our backyard and want to spend all day playing, swinging, and sliding. Too bad our allergies would only take so much. Jonah kept escaping outside and would go to the swing, point at it, and look at us smiling. I am so weak, I can't resit either of them as evidenced by the Toys R Us bill.

We found a great park to take the kids. Neither of them had any fear at all. Rebekah loved the slide and played with the older kids. Jonah would climb about everything he saw and would try to step off a drop as tall as he was.

We learned that Jonah with all his food allergies he is okay with eating sand. He had a fist full in his mouth before I could get to him.

The interaction between these two is so fun to watch. Rebekah loves picking on Jonah, in this case with a carrot from the garden, but Jonah gets even.