Saturday, October 24, 2009

Non-thinkers are all around us

As most people are aware. especially those that know me well, I have an issue with Non-thinkers. I used to call them stupid people but I realize that is a little harsh and many non-thinkers can actually be smart, they just don't know how to apply the knowledge they have.

Where I work we are lucky to have a subtenant, Buddy Ben, who decided he did not have to pay rent. Ben kept giving us promise and after promise and we could "stanz it no more". We took him to court and got an immediate judgment without even having a trail. Anyway, Buddy Ben in his haste backed his truck right into the rear of my Infiniti G35 Coupe. If it weren't for another person in the car he probably would not have even told me. Ben scraped by bumber real good and his trailer hitch put a hole right through it. In his case I shall refer to him as a stupid person as he gets no respect and fits the title. I made an insurance claim with my carrier, Mercury, and filed a claim against his insurance carrier, Farmers.

I went to what I thought was a good body shop recommended by Mercury and got a quote, submitted it to Farmers and was told Farmers accepted everything. Then before I even took my car in to the shop Farmers has already paid the body shop. I guess they figure I no longer had a choice where to take it - "non-thinkers". So I took my car to the shop on Monday and was told it would take 3-4 days. On thursday, day 4, I called the shop to see when the car would be done. This is how the conversation went.

"Is my car done, I was told it would be 3-4 days and this is day 4"
"Oh, we were going to call you. There is a little problem"
"But you didn't call me, I called you. What is the problem and status?"
"We have not even begun the work yet because Farmers has not approved the cost."
"WHAT? The car is to be done today. What do you mean Farmers did not approve the cost? They already paid you"
"They did? Hang on" NON-THINKER!

Person 2 gets on the phone.
"We did get the check last week from Farmers".
"I know you did, so how can you say Farmers did not approve the estimate when they already paid it?"
"The estimate was for Mercury and since we are an authroized Mercury repair facility Farmers is not entitled to the discount. We have this problem all the time. Farmers also subtracts the cost of the little parts from what they want to pay. We are waiting for a Farmers representative to come out and inspect the car."
"Inspect it for what? They already approved the work, hence the check. This is unacceptable and you need to get Farmers on the line now to resolve this. Why didn't you call me the day I brought it in instead of me having to call you they day it was to be finished?"

Now an intelligent person might ask, if the quote was for Mercury and not Farmers, and they were told I would be going through Farmers, why did they not call Farmers and resolve this when they got the check and before I took in the car? Reason - they are Non-thinkers.

I called Farmers myself:
"I want to find out what the issue is on my car. I am the innocent party and expect my car to be repaired well and in a timely manner."
"I'm sorry sir, but we (Farmers) is waiting for the body shop to send us the revised quote."
"What? The body shop tells me they sent you the quote and they are waiting on Farmers to send someone out to inspect the car."
"We do not need to inspect the car."
"This is unacceptable. I need my car and it has been in the shop for 4 days and they have not even started the work. You (Farmers) need to call them right now and resolve this." NON-THINKERS

End result, my car will be in the shop for at least another week with a bunch of Non-thinkers in charge. I bet I end up with a Pinto when I get it back.

So I now add to the list of companies that hire non-thinkers insurance companies and auto body shops. Leading the list is still banks and cell phone carriers. Case in point, I got a letter from the IRS this week saying I owe $600 in taxes for 2007. Just like 2006, good old Bank of America screwed up on my 1099 and used my social security number for interest that belonged to my mother. Now I have to deal with the IRS too.