Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Banking Blunders

So if you have seen my bank postings in the past, you will know nothing has changed. I received a letter from the IRS last week stating I owe $600 in taxes for 2007 because I under reported my interest, as reported by Bank of America. Just like 2006, for 2007 the bank for fools treated two of my mother's accounts as mine. Since the bank fired all the premier bankers (another stupid act on their part), I am forced to deal with the local branch of idiots.

A week ago Saturday I was giving the bank the benefit of the doubt and went to talk to my bank. I approached the desk and a woman asked what I needed help with. I said I needed the bank to fix their mistake and she pointed to the guy at the other desk and said he will be right with me. He turned around and gave her the stare of death. Then she went back to her desk and looked like she was playing on the Internet. 10 minutes later she walked behind the teller area and the other fellow came over and said he will be another 15-20 minutes with his customer. I asked who the woman was and he said the manager. I said shouldn't she have helped me. He replied she was in meetings all day and was busy. Do I wear a stupid sign around my neck? Meetings all morning on a Saturday? I don't think so.

Five minutes later, after I had waited 15 minutes, she came back and asked what I needed help with. I explained the issue and she said we need to talk with the tax people. DUH! She then went to her desk and called the number and of course no one was there on a Saturday. She gave me number to call on Monday.

I called the number and said I needed to get my 2007 1099 fixed. She went on about how I need to go to option whatever on the Links program and I said I have no idea what she is talking about. She asked if I was from a branch. I said, No I am a customer. Oh, what state are your in. I said California and she said she was in Kansas City and could not help me. So why did the manager of the branch give me her number? DUH! She transferred me to the California department.

When that lady answered the first thing she said was I need to go to my branch. Definately not what I wanted to hear. Now I lost it and started angrily explaining I had been there and they were a bunch of idiots who get everything wrong they do for me. I said this is the bank's mistake and I want it fixed. Then she appoligized and said she would help me. So why didn't she say that to begin with instead of saying I needed to go to my branch? DUH! She took my information and "placed an order".

The next day some other guy calls me and asks if there were two accounts or one. I said two and that I gave them to the other person yesterday. Oh, I have both accounts. DUH!. Then he calls back 5 minutes later and says he needs to send my mom a W9. I said, you realize this is the bank's mistake and her name is on the account. DUH!. He said he still needs to send her the W9.

My next CD with B/A matures in 3 weeks. It will be removed immediately from the Bank of Fools.

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