Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Anniversary

On August 11 we celebrated our 32nd anniversary. We took a weekend trip to San Diego. We stayed at the Dana Inn on Mission Bay, the same hotel we had our honeymoon. On Friday we visited the Midway, an aircraft carrier that was the flag ship for the gulf war. Katy, Brenda and their families came down and on Saturday we all went to Sea World. One thing that I really enjoyed was watching everyone help out and watch the kids no matter who they belonged to. Had a wonderful time


Landon at dinner - Seaport Village

Seaport Village.

Rebekah enjoys an exhibit

Brenda, Mike, and Landon

Katy, Danior, Rebekah, and Jonah

New England Cruise

In June we took a cruise of New England leaving out of Brookland, NY. Had a wonderful time

Prince Edward Island

Bar Harbor, Maine

Sue drove the Duck Boat in Boston

Boston - a picture within a picture

Newport, Rhode Island

The crusie ship