Thursday, March 18, 2010

Katy's contest

Want to check out some great stuff?

One of our talented daughters (Katy) has started a business hand-crafting fine quality baby items. She has that amazingly soft "Minky" fabric, designer fabrics that are vibrant and gorgeous , the so soft chenille and more. There are even items that are 100% organic cotton. The prices are great! Beautiful blankets, burpies, clothing, lovees, gift sets (card included) and more. If you are local, I think she will work with you to avoid shipping charges!

Comment on the blog post before March 26 to enter a contest to win a free item!

Items can be purchased at I think you will find the prices are great!
I hope you like what you see, the pictures don't quite do justice, the colors and softness are amazing!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


So the stork is back in town scoping things out. It found Brenda and Mike so they are now expecting a baby mid-September. That will be our third grandchild. We are all very excited.

Still thinking about our next cruise in August. Eastern Carribean or Alaska? We found a 10-day Alaska cruise round trip out of San Francisco. We have never done the Eastern Carribean cruise yet. With the Alsakan cruise we would not have to drive but it is twice as much as the other.

Work is going okay. Very different working for a mega-big public company. All the are interested in is forecasting the next month's and quarter's revenue. In today's eceonomy we are very thankful we all have jobs. I don't think anything will improve for some time. I also predict another stockmarket crash due to unemployment, Obama's policies, and the ridiculous spending and debt.

Friday (March 12th) is Rebekah's third birthday. Time goes by so fast. She is such a sweet and smart girl. Picks on Jonah too much though but what are big sisters for?