Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bank of America Woes

A few weeks ago we lost our Becky, our premier banker with B/A. In the bank's wisdom, they eliminate the premier banking group and put me back with 1) the regular banking, or 2) the investment group. Don't really know which since the bank has yet to notify me the premier banking group no longer exists. I know because Becky and I talked. Let's look at these two options logically. 1) Taking something away from a valuable customer is never a good way to run a business. Now that I do not have someone to help me with my banking needs, why would I be incentivised to stay with B/A? 2) Putting me back into the investment group, the Merryl Linch team that ran that company into bankruptcy, is not exactly the group of people I want managing my money.

Case in point. Instead of calling Becky to renew Steven's CD we had to go talk to someone at our branch. Seeing how we both work everyday that only leaves Saturday available to do such. We went in the bank for a simple 20 minute transaction that ended up taking 1 1/2 hours. The fellow had no idea what he was doing and had to get his manager at least five times. Then somehow B/A managed to get my profile messed up and had the wrong SS number. Would they believe me to fix it? Heck no. I had to drive all the way home, get my SS card, and drive back to the bank. One might ask why not believe the customer when he tells you they are wrong. I think I gave him my ID 4 times. He then wants to verify my SS number so he says it loud enough for everyone in the bank to hear it. He kept saying how he was concerned about security and wanted to make sure everything was right. He said, for example, they need 2 sets of ID's to set up a new account (in this case a new CD). I said, but....., with your concerns about security, why didn't you ask to see the social security card (for Steven's account). They believed Steven when he said what his SS number was but would not believe me when I told them they had mine incorrect. That is how someone opened an account under their ID while using my SS number about two years ago. That person had picture ID, not in my name of course, and since B/A took her word for the SS number without verification her fraudulent activity got pegged to me.

I hope Becky lands a new job quickly with a local bank. B/A's days of having my money may shortly coming to an end. Only trouble is that most banks aren't much better. Too many "non-thinkers" is these position.


Anonymous said...

It's those kind of things (plus unwarranted/strange acct fees) that caused me to dump bofa more than 10 yrs ago. I refuse to go back and Katy hates my stubbornness about it. My credit union is not much better. I'm keeping my eye out for a better one.


M. Sperber said...

There are certain professions where people are not employed to be self-thinkers. Sounds like this is the case here. It is a shame that something as serious as your finances can be handled by a person with as much intelligence as a monkey that understands sign language. If I put my hand out enough times anything is going to eventually slap it. Seems like the same thing here.

Think for yourself or find a job waiting tables where the food is ordered by pointing to a picture or a number. Nobody expects much of you there other then you not drool while talking!!!

You got me fired up on this on pal.