Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brenda's Birthday


A picture these days of Brenda is not complete without Mike.

Brenda was born at the Northridge Hospital and was 3 weeks overdue. When she was born, she was extremely large and came out face first. I guess she could not wait to see the world. She was actually born with Sue straddling the gurney and delivery table and no doctor present. Sue was in some distress and as soon as Brenda popped out the nurses handed her to me in order to take care of Sue. I held my beautiful goopy daughter for the first time and she right away opened her eyes and just looked at me.

As a little girl she had wild curly hair. We would take her to a public place, such as Disneyland, and we would often get people coming up to us wanting to take her picture. She was a handful growing up. She got lost once at Magic Mountain and another time trick-or-treating at the mall. She backed Sue’s car into a brick mailbox and would not come home that night until we went and got her. She once was hit while driving and her car ended up in the front of a building on Ventura Blvd.Somehow she managed to grow up and met Mike in High School. They were married almost two years ago on a cruise ship off the Mexican coast.

Today she lives in Simi Valley as the happy couple were able to purchase a home earlier this year. Brenda works with me and has turned into a beautiful caring woman. We love you Brenda.

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