Saturday, May 16, 2009

Banking update

A continuation of my last post. I got fed up with complaining about Bank of America and decided to do something about it. Sue and I opened up new accounts Friday with Wells Fargo. Seriously, I am not convinced Wells Fargo is any better but at least I can send B/A a message that if they do not want my money they won't get it.

So we went to Wells Fargo and set up accounts and what did we find? Someone else (two people) had already used my social security number with the bank. One name was the same person who used my number two years ago with Bank of America (my bank) and WaMu. One account was inactive and the other never went active. I figure they ran the number through the credit agency, saw the fraud alert already set up and he people bolted. Now I get to deal with Wells Fargo about the fraud issue.

Today we went back to B/A to resolve the service fee issue. It was reversed but they guy had no idea what I was talking about when I said they had it linked wrong with my CD's. I figure I will be back next month for the same thing. I closed out one CD to move over to Wells Fargo. We figured we would try out the bank first before move all the accounts. Now all I need to do is keep the checkbook away from Sue as she wants to use the CD money to get a new car. I asked about our account that now has a zero percent interest rate and got no where. It is an "Investment" account and the fellow "did not have the proper license" to help me. I already closed out the account on Friday anyway.

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M. Sperber said...

Who needs a car??? Buy her a horse. Gets great mileage, low maintenance and when it starts acting up you can shoot it and get another one.

Perfect solution.