Thursday, April 9, 2009

Family Fun

I am a little late but here are a few pictures from Rebekah's birthday party. Mike did the bbq cooking and just could not wait to taste his masterpieces. He is the best Barbeque-er in the family.

Robert's mom Lenore enjoyed holding her great-grandson Jonah.

Rebekah opened her presents. Can you tell if she liked the Little Einstien's computer from grandma and grandpa?

We recently had a great visit by Sue's niece, Jen and her three children Eli, Aive, and Caroline. the kids were so sweet and well behaved. Here they are watching TV with Rebekah. Thanks Jen for the fun visit. Come again soon.

Jonah is getting bigger and cuter. Grandpa is his favorite.


Bren said...

Grandpa is everyones favorite!

M. Sperber said...

Grandpa smells like stinky feet!

Katy said...

cute pics... you have to email me the pics your took of RL with Jen's kids and the ones you took of Jonah yesterday.