Monday, June 15, 2009

Hunington Library

So Sue is off work for the week and I decided to take the week off too. Today we visited the Huntington Library in San Marino. Steven came along for the visit. I highly recommend this for anyone who has not been there before. It has a reasonable admission price and just a beautiful place to visit. They have an art museum as equal to the Getty and an incredible manuscript collection including a Guttenburg bible.

Two of the most famous paintings of all time are at this museum. One is Blue Boy which became famous when Huntington paid $700,000 for it, the most ever paid for a painting at that time. Know a days it is probably worth $700 million.

The second painting is Pinkie. The colors in the painting are magnificant.

The grounds are sitting on over 270 acres and the flower gardens are to behold. This is my favorite picture of the flowers that I took.

One flower that makes the gardens famous is the "Corpse Flower". The Simpsons had an episode after this flower. It is just about to bloom which is a rare occurance. The last time it bloomed was in 2002. The flower is over six feet tall and when it blooms it emits an odor like rotten meat.

They have a nice Japanese garden. Lucky me, I found the most beautiful woman at the place to have my picture taken with.


Katy said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time. Too bad "Son of Stinky" wasn't blooming...

M. Sperber said...

Bob, you kill yourself at work and rarely take time for yourself. Sue I know what your work load is like and how many directions you are pulled in.

Good for you guys. Sounds like a perfectly nice relaxing day. You should consider taking another cruise together sometime within the next month and a half or so.