Sunday, October 26, 2008


So Friday, the week before Halloween, our primary had its annual Halloween Carnival. Katy, Danior and Rebekah came to enjoy the activities. There was even an appearance by Brenda and Mike. The meal was boiled hot dogs, as good as they sound. RL was dressed as a fairy.

She liked her magic wand, especially to put in her mouth. This photo is the fairy with an attitude.

After the carnival we all park the cars in a circle and the children go trunk and treating. Rebekah really got into it. She especially liked the tootsie pops from the Waldman's.

These pictures were taken with my new camera. It is really nice and I got a great price on the kit.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Been tagged

So visiting Brenda's website, I guess I have been tagged. Sue can do her own post. I think these things are dumb but I will play along. Why 8 things? Listed in no particular order:

8 favorite TV shows
1> Heroes
2> Magic Finally Revealed
3> Chuck
4> Bones
5> Gray's Anatomy
6> Simpsons (yes, I still like it)
7> DSN (Direct Shopping Network)
8> How Its Made

8 favorite restaurants
1> Chili's
2> My Brothers
3> In and Out
4> Yamato's
5> Benihanna's
6> El Torito
7> Back Angus
8> Numero Uno

8 things I did yesterday (Monday)
1> went to work
2> Genealogy
3> watched TV
4> fed the critters
5> checked email
6> read the Internet
7> pet Angel
8> went to sleep

8 things I look forward to:
1> My next vacation/cruise
2> Retirement ( a long way off)
3> Our family get-togethers
4> Seeing Rebekah
5> Sleep
6> Katy's new baby
7> Spending time with Sue
8> Holidays

8 things I like about Fall:
1> Holidays
2> Cooler weather
3> End of daylight savings time
4> Snow-topped mountains
5> Trees changing color
6> New TV shows
7> Crisp clean air
8> Elections being over

8 things on my wish list:
1> a monthly vacation/cruise
2> Early retirement
3> spend more time with kids/grandkids
4> computers that do not freeze up in the middle of things
5> more Republicans than Democrats
6> Less "non-thinkers" in society
7> Sue's eternal happiness
8> Happiness and success of my children

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Garden Update

I know the excitement everyone shares over our garden so here is the update. Basically, it is kaput. Garden season is over. Our few apples were actually as good as store-bought ones.

I promised Rebakah a while ago that she would get first taste. Yesterday we planted a very limited new crop. Mostly onions and herbs as planting season is gone until next spring. Rebekah was a good helper. If anyone knows of vegetables that can be planted this time of the year let us know.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Older

I have come to the conclusion that it really sucks to be getting older. Case in point: Last Friday at 6 in the morning I went outside to feed the critters (birds and squirrels). As I walked toward the feeder I missed the step off the patio and my foot landed sideways. Ouch! I hobbled to the feeder (critters come first) and then into the house. As the day progressed my ankle got worse and worse. By Friday night I could not put any weight on it (and I have plenty), and the ankle was all swollen. I decided to stop being stubborn and to take people's advice. Saturday Sue took me to urgent care. So much for Urgent Care, they would not even see me and sent me to the hospital emergency room. We spent 2 1/2 hours at the ER, not my way of enjoying conference weekend. The X-ray showed I had a sprained ankle with some slight ligament tears. I realized this was the first time in my life I have been on crutches. About 3 hours later, the doctor called and said the radiaoligist looked at the x-ray and saw a small bone chip or flake, whatever. Treatment was the same, stay off the foot for a few days.

I was on the crutches for 3 days and graduated to a cane. Today (Thursday) I can walk again, however, last night I aggrevated it again. I got up in the miidle of the night and the dog decided to join me, right under my feet. She tripped me and I landed on my knees and wrists. Spent the rest of the night in pain from my ankle and wrist. At least the dog knew she did wrong as she quickly came over to see if I was okay, as if to say "I'm sorry", and gave me a lick.

Sue was so sweet taking care of me the way she did. Love you dear.

I find as I get older I have less and less patience. Especially for certain things, such as stupid people, not stupid things people do, but stupid people. In an attempt to stop calling people "stupid" or"morons" I decided to call them "non-thinkers". Anyway, Katy was over Saturday for conference and she wanted to work on some sort of top-secret wood project. She wanted to use my router. I told her I bought it about 5 years ago and I could never get it to work properly, in fact I thought I broke it trying. Needless to say, I lacked the patience to set it up properly. Katy spent about an hour actually reading the instructions and analyzing all the parts. She got the darn thing to work and it worked very well. I realized how patient and intelligent she is (although I already knew that) and how impatient I can be.

One final note, last Sunday I gave in to my desires and upgraded my camera. This was a tough decision as it was several hundred dollars. Thanks to some encouraging from Sue, I realized how boring my life is and photography is about my only hobby. I don't have the camera yet as it needs to get delivered, but stay tuned for the first pictures.