Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Trip to the Zoo

Saturday Sue and I were graciously allowed to take Rebekah to the zoo while Katy was at a baby shower. Boy did we have a great time. We got there pretty close to opening at 10 o'clock.

The Flamingos have been near the entrance for many years. I think the smell has not changed in 20 years. Perhaps with the city's budgetary constraints they have not even cleaned the place in 20 years.

What big smiles on the faces of the girls.

Rebekah liked the Kangaroo, maybe because she associates the beast with Winnie the Pooh. Rebekah refused to ride in the stroller. She had to be a big girl and walk. She wanted to hold both our hands and do the cheat thing where we lift her up. We knew we were in for a long day.

She really liked the gorillas. I pointed out the daddy, mommy, and baby. She was fun to watch as she commented on everything they did.

The zebras were fun. All they did was huddle near the back and eat.

Rebekah saw another little kid walking on the curb. That of course meant she had to do it. Look at the concentration on her face.

The giraffe's were well received. Rebekah kept calling them zebras. I would remind her they are giraffes. She would say "Raff" and then call them zebras again. Another little boy her age came up and also called them zebras. His mother laughed and said he always calls the zebras.

We gave Rebekah a bottle of water and discovered that she cannot walk and drink at the same time without walking like a clutz. After about 3 hours at the zoo she finally got real tired and we went to get some food. Memo to self-next time bring our own food. The food was more than twice the admission. Rebekah got a Monkey Meal.

Notice the small mark under her eye. At one point Rebekah start to run down a hill and did a slide into first thing. So much for us taking care of her in the future.


Bren said...

Looks like you had a real good time. Too bad you are both "fired". You should know better than to let her hurt herself on your first outing.

tiffany said...

Looks like so much fun! Where is this zoo? I think Jacob would love a little zoo trip, but I am not sure I am up for a long drive.

Suzanne Shisley said...

It is the LA Zoo in Griffith Park. That is near downtown LA so I would not go on a weekday.