Thursday, June 26, 2008

I can breathe again

This last year has been pretty difficult for me employment-wise. I work for Ameron Global, Inc. and we were approached about a year ago by a company interested in purchasing the business. For the last year it has been especially stressful working to get the company sold knowing that the sale would most likely result in my employment being terminated. Being a CFO, a buyer would most likely already have top accounting personnel and I would not be needed. Also, there would not be a realistic position for me with what was going to be left with Ameron. With negotiations going on, and constant bickering by the buyer, the deal died this last week. I can breathe again knowing I still have my job. Of course the question can be asked, if the owners were trying to sell the company then, would they try to find another buyer now? I don't really know, but the airline industry is not doing well and companies are not selling for what they did a year ago. At least I get some sort of reprieve. Now the lawsuit phase commences.

Anyway, to celebrate our life being taken off hold, we booked an Alaskan cruise for our anniversary in August. We leave August 9th for a week round-trip out of Seattle. We took an Alaskan cruise 4 years ago to celebrate our 25th anniversary. That was our first cruise ever and now we are hooked. Steven will be at home to take care of the house and the dog. The great thing is the crusie is only about 6 weeks away so we don;t have to look forward to it for 6+ months like our previous cruises. Because of the late booking we got a very good price as the cruise line tries to fill the unsold rooms. As fate would have it, we are on the same ship as we took to Mexico for Brenda's wedding.

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