Saturday, July 5, 2008

Home Projects

So the heat finally got to us. We decided to take a stab at putting in a misting system for the back patio. This was our 4th of July activity. Here you can see how hard we both worked on this project.

This project only took 2 trips to Home Depot. On the first trip we planned on using the same micro-sprinkler system we got for the garden. We could have purchased a misting system but for the money and what you got, it was not worth it. As we were getting the final supplies we found misting connectors for regular PVC pipe and that looked so much easier. Here Sue is putting on a connector. YES, I helped, she has gotten so good at the pipe stuff over the years from reparing the sprinklers so many times that she does the glue stuff. Besides, someone needed to take the pictures.

Funny how the patio seems to be so much longer when you do an improvement project. Seems like whenever I paint it the patio doubles in size.

Finally the 20-foot (whatever, I did not measure it, but it was long) piece of piping was put together and it was time to put it up on the top of the patio. A good opportunity to try my fish-eye wide-angle lens to make Sue look as tall as possible.We added a small section on the side, and connected the piece along the post that hooks up to the hose. After ten minutes we turned on the hose and to our surprise we had water and no leakage. Then we relaxed for a while admiring our excellent work. We felt like kids again running through the sprinklers. When it gets cooler we (I) will repaint the patio and make it a little more attractive. Why do they make the glue such a bright blue color? This picture actually has the mist coming out of it but too difficult to see.

Our garden was a success, except for the corn. The stalks grew very well but the corn did not mature enough due to a lack of pollination. We have little baby watermelons growing now.

Lots of onions and tomatoes. Some Zucchini and carrots.


malibumoons said...

Wow! A sprinkling system! That sounds so nice. Go Sue! Love the action shots. ALso, thank you so much for sharing your tomatoes and onions with me. I made salsa, and it is YUMMY!
-Sarah Moon

Bren said...

When can we start placing orders for the 20 lb watermelons?