Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun Stuff

So I am convinced that I have some of the best kids ever. We have discovered that as the children get older it becomes more difficult to celebrate holidays and just get together. With Katy and Brenda married, they now have to schedule things around their husband's family also. Case in point, Father's Day. Brenda and Mike are away this Father's Day weekend so we celebrated a week early. The three kids planned a family outing and did a great job keeping it a surprise for me. Katy somehow found someone in her apartment with connections and we all went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood for dinner and the shows. The food was okay, but really too expensive for what we got. The shows were pretty good. We liked the close-up magician the best. Steven met a older couple sitting next to them at one of the shows. By the end of the night they seemed as if best friends, exchanging emails and home addresses. In all, it was a great time and so thoughtful of my great children.

Sue and I bought ourselves a Wii a few weeks ago. Brenda bought one and we liked it so much we bought ourselves one and seem to play it almost every night. I saw the sooooooo many commercials on TV and thought it really looked stupid, but it is a lot of fun. It is probably so much better for us than just sitting around all night watching tv. We get some exercise bowling, playing golf, and tennis. As evidenced by the picture below, I think I have mastered the bowling game.

I finished the game before this with 6 straight strikes, then a 300-perfect game of 12 more strikes. I am afraid to play again to ruin my 18-strike streak.

For those who have been concerned about how our garden is doing, be at ease. It is doing very well. We have been feasting on radishes, lettuce, and zucchini (Sue only of course). We have tomatoes that are starting to grow and our corn will be ready for consumption in a week or two.

Yesterday I was showing Rebekah the garden and to my surprise, she pointed at the apples on the tree and said "apple" clear as day. She is getting cuter as she gets older. Last week while visiting I left the room and she came running after me saying gampa gampa.

This last week I finished CERT training, Community Emergency Response Team. It was a seven-week course teaching me how to be a responder for an emergency situation. We learned first aid, search and rescue, emegency preparedness and some other things. At the conclusion we were all given a nifty CERT backpack with our green helmet, green vest, and some other supplies.

One last note, Sue visited someone the other day and she made a comment about me that made me think. She said she could tell how much I adored my wife. At first I thought, that was strange. Then the more I thought about it, the better I felt. I am glad people can tell how much I love my wife, and I do more than they can realize. We have heard of soul companions, but I think Sue and I go beyond that. I hope Katy, Brenda, and Steven realize how much their parents are still in love and how they and their families make us complete.


Bren said...

The dinner was sooooo over-priced, but whatever. Maybe you could sell your tomatoes?

Katy said...

Congrats on your CERT training. Now I know where to turn if there is ever a disaster. Thanks Dad... and Happy Father's Day!