Sunday, June 1, 2008


Today is Katy's birthday. It seems like just yesterday she was a little infant in our arms.

Katy was a great child. Her mom and dad lost Katy's older sister, Robin, during childbirth and so looked forward to this little baby girl born June 1, 1981 in Northridge. When her mom was pregnant she had gall stones and had to suffer a few months before she was far along in her pregnancy that she could have surgery to remove her gall bladder. Then when Katy was born, after one week she became deathly ill. She was admitted to Children's Hospital in Hollywood for a week being treated for Sepsis, a blood infection. As a young child Katy always loved aninmals. A bit of trivia, her nickname came from her dad calling her KD for her initials and it developed into Katy.

Katy always did exceptional in school, never a problem. As a young girl she was a Daisy, a Brownie and Girl Scout. She loved (and still does) to draw and paint. No one knows where she got her artistic talent from as both her mom and dad have very little of it. She has always been very kind and loving, except for teaming up with her sister to pick on Steven. She was very good at math and science during school (and she still is). She is the Jeopardy queen of such subjects.

Katy always loved music. As a child she would sing at home and in church. In Junior High she learned the Clarinet and played in band. She also took her dad's old saxaphone and played it for a while. She continued on into high school and was in marching band and concert band. Hard to believe with her mom as a piano teacher, that Katy taught herself how to play. In high school she was the accompianist for the school's top singing group. She still plays for church and teaches a few students. Katy graduated from El Camino and went on to CSUN. She worked with her father for a few years at Pacific Theatres, worked at Waterpic, and at Sierra Canyon School.

Katy met Danior at the LDS institute at CSUN. She had bike trouble and Danior was kind enough to assist her. They dated for a while and were sealed in the Los Angeles temple May 28, 2005. Danior currently works for an accounting firm and Katy works at home managing their apartment complex.

On March 12, 2007, Katy and Danior were blessed with their own baby girl, Rebekah Louise. We always knew what a great mother Katy would be and she has proven us right. Katy, we love you very much. You make us proud.

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