Saturday, February 7, 2009

Life Goes On

As I get older I keep learning how much my family means to me and how lucky I am to have such great kids and grandkids. I look forward so much to the weekends when I can spend more time with everyone.

Rebekah loves tomatoes. Sometimes she will open the refrigerator, see the package of tomatoes, grab them and run. She loves to pick them straight off the bush and pop them into her mouth.

Super Bowl Sunday Katy came over. Jonah and I had a long time together sitting on the couch and watching the game.Even sleeping baby boys can be pretty cute.

They are pretty good when they are awake too.

Rebekah is such a goof ball. She looks so serious - or is she falling asleep?


Katy said...

Cute pics! We always have fun at G-ma and G-pa's!

Bren said...

Those are great pictures of Jonah. I can't believe what a big girl RL is now. She is growing up so fast.