Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sue's birthday - Jan. 13

Today is Sue's birthday, 39 if you ask her. To me she looks like she is 39. Keeping up with family tradition, here are some special things about my dear wife:
1) Sue hates to be called Susan. Sue is okay, Suzie is good, Suzanne may be preferred, but do not call her Susan. I have my own special name for her.

2) Sue once got lost at Disneyland for a family outing. We all went on a ride that took forever and when we got out Sue was missing. We hunted all over asking several employees where we might expect to find her. Finally, one thinker said lost children go to Independence Hall. We went there and sitting on the lost child bench with all the little kids was Sue. She started to cry, her lip started to quiver, and she said she wanted to go home. She is really a good sport with the story as it is a little embarrassing.

3) Sue does not have an enemy in the world. Everywhere we go she is greeted by people who know her. Everyone loves Sue. I often tell her she is so popular she should run for a government office----she would win.

4) My dear wife loves to cruise. I love seeing her on a cruise because she looks so relaxed and a peace. Our first cruise was 5 years ago to Alaska to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Before we left I gave her a diamond anniversary ring. She just started to cry. Since then we have been on 5 cruises and are planning our next one for August.

5) She is a great pianist as most people know, but she also arranges and writes music. She usually arranges and/or writes for the schools performances all year round. In addition, in high school she played the Clarinet. Then she was moved to the saxophone section where we met. Sue can also get by playing the flute. She is excellent with the pot and pan drum set.

6) Besides cruising, her favorite thing is to hang out with me, the kids, and especially the grandkids. Up until recently it the grandkids were just Rebekah. Now when she holds Jonah I see that same sparkle in her eye.

7) Sue is a great cook. She cooks our meals, hence my over-muscular belly, but also can cook for a hundred people at a time. She was in charge of the kitchen for young women camp for 10 straight years. All the girls looked forward to going for her special treats.

8) Although stories differ, I believe Sue liked me because of my car. She says it was because I was so nice to her. We met in High School band. Honestly, I drove a 1969 Camaro in high school, who would not like to be around that muscle machine?

9) As everyone well knows, Sue is a great and loving person. When someone is ill she feels the sickness herself. There is nothing she would not do for her family or friends, and she does it all.

10) Most important, Sue is my favorite and forever very very best friend. I enjoy spending time with her more than anything, even to the point I sacrifice my own time by going grocery shopping and the cleaners with her. I must draw the line at the nail salon. Love you.


Katy said...

Happy Birthday mom!!

Bren said...

The Disneyland story is the best. I will never ever ever forget the look on her face. Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

Suzanne Shisley said...

Okay, just to set the record straight...1)there was no little kids or kids bench in Independence Hall 2)The employees told me to go wait at that bldg, because everyone is told to reunite there when they can't find someone.(apparently they all tell people different stories) 3) Their ride broke down several times over the hour I was waiting (a fact that the average person waiting was not aware of. (It was the ill-fated rocket rods...line and ride inside a bldg)I figured after an hour they had been on the ride and already gotten off. 4) The quivering lip was more the angry reaction to losing about 2 hours in a very expensive day. 4) Thank goodness for cell phones now. 5) I don't mind how they embellish the story, no doubt it will be the lead off story at my funeral.

Grancy said...

Happy very, very late birthday, Suzie. I'm so happy to know you. You do, indeed, make everyone around you think you like them best. You are very gifted at many things. Glad we're family. xo N