Sunday, October 26, 2008


So Friday, the week before Halloween, our primary had its annual Halloween Carnival. Katy, Danior and Rebekah came to enjoy the activities. There was even an appearance by Brenda and Mike. The meal was boiled hot dogs, as good as they sound. RL was dressed as a fairy.

She liked her magic wand, especially to put in her mouth. This photo is the fairy with an attitude.

After the carnival we all park the cars in a circle and the children go trunk and treating. Rebekah really got into it. She especially liked the tootsie pops from the Waldman's.

These pictures were taken with my new camera. It is really nice and I got a great price on the kit.



Katy said...

She had such a blast at the party. I think she made the cutest fairy EVER.... but I may be a little biased...

Bren said...

How come no one took a picture of her black knees after the many trips to the asphalt speed bump. It matched her fairy shiner so nicely.

Bren said...

Oh and you camera takes wonderful pictures. The colors are amazing.