Sunday, July 13, 2008


I think it does not matter how old I get or how fast Rebekah grows up, this is how I will always remember her. She has a thing about remotes. As soon as she finds one she grabs it and runs all over the house with it. If she can find another, the more the better. We keep a few extra ones in reach for her. Each one she points at the TV and pushes the buttons.
The other day Sue and I spent the afternoon at Katy's. When my kids were young I would lie on my back and give them "Pony Rides" on my knees. Rebekah got one and was soooooo cute. She would finish (with a tummy plop) and go to my knees and say "Mo" (more). Grandpa just is not as young as he used to be. Pony rides 25 years ago would be nice and long, these days they are a lot shorter.


Bren said...

I love her smile! I also love the fact that you can see all her cuts and bruises on her knee. Crazy kid!

Katy said...

She had the best time on friday! Thanks for visiting and wearing her out.

M. Sperber said...

It was fun taking turns with little Beks. Thanks for the pony rides as well. I am glad you are comfortable enough with me to have that kind of fun.