Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monthly gathering

Yesterday (Saturday 4/19) was our monthly gathering. We get together with the kids and my mom to enjoy each other's company, celebrate birthdays, and just have fun.

Brenda/Mike made a pot of chili, burned right thru the bottom of the pot. They say it was pretty good but I don't eat the stuff.

Katy cut up some watermellon. You can tell by the expression on her face how pleased she was to have her picture taken. Better watch what you are doing Katy or we might get a finger as an added bonus.

Sue got busy preparing some corn, still steaming mad at me for not doing a good job cleaning the patio furniture. It did not matter that I: 1) took out the trash, 2) hosed off the patio, 3) did the dishes, 4) put away the water bottles, 5) vacuumed the floor, 6) paid the bills, 7) updated PAF for the day's temple visit. 8) picked up the dog piles in the backyard, 9) picked up clutter, 10) solved the world's oil crises. It was all about the patio furniture. Notice the lack of dishes in the sink (thank you).

While all the food gathering was going on, I had RL duty. Just like her grandpa was as a youth (29 years ago), she is a climber. I don't see any cobwebs, just a clean patio.

Mike started cooking the hot dogs. What a mighty fine looking BBQ. I wonder who did just a great job putting that together.

Danior made sure the post was not going to fall. I taught him well.

Rebekah got her first corn on the cob. She likes it but had a hard time holding on with her tiny little hands. Look who is eagerly waiting for an opportunity


"Opportunities are never lost, others take those which we pass up"

Absolutely nothing to say here. Oh my!

Flowers for my lovely wife. Love you dear.


Bren said...

Correction- Mike made the chilli and it was real good!

Brenda did nothing to help with the activity... as usual. =)

Katy said...

I rarely have a knife incident... its usually a gum wrapper, a piece of cheese... you know, the usual stuff...

Suzanne said...

It was a lovely dinner. I had no idea you did so much work. Mankind will appreciate your work on the oil crisis.
Love you

serra said...

happy birthday! thanks for cleaning the patio. it made for clean pictures.