Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Garden Update

I know what you are thinking. Yes we do live such dull lives that our new garden is all the excitement we have to write about. Things are growing nicely. The corn is getting taller.

The radishes have sprouted and are ready to be thinned.

And the carrots are peeking up too.

This last weekend Rebekah discovered the hose and Sue helped her water the garden. This was well until RL discovered how cold the water was when she turned the hose on herself. I may be bias, but I think RL is the cutest little girl on the planet.

Just so there is no confusion, the garden is not all we do, actually I (Robert) do most of the work. Brenda came over last night and snapped a picture or our nightly routine as we relax, watch TV, and work on our genealogy. We argue about who gets the live version of PAF on the screen.

By they way, April 17th is Robert's birthday. Gifts are always accepted (and lots of them)


Bren said...

I think RL is the cutest little girl on the planet also. But, I too might be bias.

Gifts... abc gum?

serra said...

i found you through brenda, who recently made a comment my blogsmog.
so, hello! you guys crack me up. Im glad brenda took a picture so we can know what you REALLY do for fun. my family and I are on xanga...check it out!