Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Blessings

The other day I was thinking and contemplating how blessed my family has been. We all have good health, happy families, and good jobs. So many people we know are without some of these things. As I pondered the events of the year I thought of the wonderful blessings of being protected from the difficulties of life offered these days. My family has not been impacted by the bad economy or job market. We all have good jobs, even though it is hard to go to work some days, but we all work hard and are self-sufficient. Brenda and Mike were blessed this year with baby Landon and it is so wonderful seeing their love and care for this special spirit. Katy and family have been blessed this year with being able to buy a house in Simi Valley. Steven is blessed with a job and the ability to pursue his Master's Degree.

I am thankful for all the blessings I have and greatful that I know they come from a loving and kind Heavenly Father.

Sue and I went to the car show the weekend before Thanksgiving. We went with the determination to select Sue's new car. It was depressing seeing how little we could get for so much money. Sue had been driving the Explorer for 8 years, the car being 10 years old. Friday after Thanksgiving we purchased Sue's dream car. We were pleased after visiting the car show that the car she wanted was about the same price as so many other SUV's, but she got a much nicer car with the Lexus. After spending most of the day in the dealer Sue drove home in her new Lexus, yet another blessing to our family. I will miss the Explorer. For a Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily), the car had been very reliable and such a good friend. So many fond memories of all those Home Depot runs on a Saturday afternoon. If anyone has earned such a nice car it is my dear sweet wife who has been so caring to others for so many years. I love you my dear.

The home is starting to look like Christmas. Rebekah and Sue are hanging stockings. You better believe this overgrown one is mine.


Laura B said...

That is so happy!!! Yay for new cars!!!!! Sue totally deserves it.

Katy said...

Love the car! I want a stocking that size for next year! :)