Sunday, June 27, 2010

Being a Grandparent

Being a grandparent is so cool. This Friday we had Rebekah come over and sleep the night. It broke our heart when we left Katy's to see Jonah grabbing his shoes and running to the door. Jonah will get to sleep over later. Rebekah is so cute and fun. One of her favorite items now is the marble tower. A great toy building different paths every time. Rebekah calls them Narbles.
She sleeps real well in her own little bed. Not a peep until early morning. then she wakes up, climbs in our bed and hugs and hangs on to grandpa. Brings back memories from 25 years ago.
As a special treat on Saturday we took her to the same pony rides on Tampa where we took our kids growing up. The place has not changed much. This little mother-to-be reminded us of Brenda, not that she is a pig but big with child. At least Brenda is not dragging her tummy on the ground.

At first Rebekah was a little scared of all the goats but quickly got over it. This little buddy never left the tractor. It was his (or her - I did not check) special spot.

And finally the reason we went there. Rebekah was a natural. No hesitation to ride the pony. A big smile on her face the entire time. Again, reminded me of Katy from years ago.


M. Sperber said...

Did you really relate that pig to Brenda and then take it back?

Katy said...

Seriously... you may want to change that part of your post... no pregnant woman wants to be compared to any kind of animal... except maybe a gazelle! :)

RL had such a great time! She wants to know when she can come back!