Monday, November 24, 2008


Today is Brenda's birthday. Just like everyone else, here is my list of things about Brenda.

1. When Brenda was born it was while Sue was strattling the girney and the delivery table. Brenda was a big baby, born posterior with no doctor present. As soon as she popped out, the nurses were so concerned about Sue they handed me Brenda right out of the oven. As I held this goopy baby she slowly opened her eyes and just looked at me. I wonder what she was thinking.

2. As a baby, Brenda had very curly blonde hair. We would go to amusement parks and strangers, usually Japanese tourists, wanted a picture of her. Who knows how many photo albums in Japan her picture is in.

3. Brenda got lost two times as a young todler. First time was at Magic Mountain. Unbeknownst to me, she followed me into the restroom. When I finished resting, I walked out and Brenda was gone. We were frantically running all over looking for her when some gentleman came up to me hold Brenda and asked if this was mine. The second time was Halloween at the mall. There was at least a million people there trick or treating from store to store. Brenda followed the wrong group in the wrong direction. We found her shortly a few stores down just following the throng of kids.

4. One of our favorite stories is when she was a little baby she loved M&M's. Once she just kept popping them in her mouth until she could not chew or swallow them. She sat there with her cheeks puffed out and chocolate dripping down her chin. Another time I caught her in the bathroom when she had coated both arms solid with Desitin. Ever try getting that stuff off?

5. Her first boyfriend was a real jerk. I disliked him so much I offered Brenda $50 not to see him again. She took the offer, the money, and never did see him again. I offered a $100 for her to dump Mike but she turned me down.

6. Brenda has worked with me for over two years in the accounting department with Ameron Global. For me, this has been a great two years. We have two hours of special one-on-one time each day, although quite often Brenda is asleep on the way home. For once in my life, I have the first hand scoop about Brenda and Mike before Sue does.

7. I remember Brenda's favorite toys as a young girl were mostly dolls. She liked Strawberry Shortcake the most. Later she liked a collectors doll. We gave her one for Christmas and she was so happy.

8. In high school Brenda and Katy used to fight like crazy. Most of the time it was about clothes. They were constantly accusing each other of taking their clothes. It got so bad they each put a lock on their bedroom door. I would always tell them "Sisters are Forever". I guess it eventually worked as Brenda and Katy are really good friends.

9. Growing up Brenda always thought Katy got all the good stuff. Things were never "Fair". As a result I developed what has been known as the "Fairity Speech" where I would ramble on and on about how things may not seem fair at the time but over the long-run they always evened out.

10. As everyone knows, Brenda is a great person with a great heart. She cares about other people and always lights up a gathering. She got her good looks from her mom and he wit from her dad.


Bren said...

Thank you for all the nice things you said. I hate m&ms the way. Between you and Katy I think you found the worst pictures of me. Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, When I saw the first picture, I didn't even realize that was dirt all over your face. I just figured it was a bad tan. Oh well, the other pics of you are better.