Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fun Stuff

I have a new Wii buddy. Together we sit and play Mario Cart for hours.

The other day Katy and Rebecca were visiting. As I walked in from work Rebecca says all excitedly, Grandpa. Brought tears to my eyes. First time she said grandpa. She has been calling me Pa for a few months.

Our garden was a success. Today we picked a few items for dinner.

This Saturday Sue and I are off on an Alaskan Cruise. Steven is stayng home and taking care of the house and critters. While on the cruise we are celebrating our 29th anniversary.


Katy said...

Your fruits and veggies are amazing!!! RL is always excited to go see grandpa!

Bren said...

I want her to call me by name... she says Duh, which is expected.

M. Sperber said...

Teaching her to play video games, pick vegetables from the garden and say your name is fantastic. My role as Uncle has allowed me to educate her as well. I don't think it occurred to either of you to teach little Beks to Burp on cue or to put on a pair of sunglasses. My next educational effort will be teaching her how to pull my finger followed by saying GO DODGERS!

I think I can do it.