Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day

We had a nice Mother's Day. After church we went to Brenda's for dinner. Here is a picture of Sue with her Mother's Day flower.

She really does not like pictures. She always makes me take pictures of her as far away as possible . Nuts to her. I think she is the most gorgeous person on the planet. Love you dear!

Brenda made a nice dinner at her place. My mom came over too. Brenda and Mike recently stimulated the economy and used one of their tax rebates to buy a Wii. If anyone does not know what a Wii is, it is a TV computer game where the player holds a control stick and with their motions control what is happening in the game. Here my mom (Lenore) is bowling. She seemed to be the best of all of us.

In another game between Katy and my Mom, it was a see-saw match. It came down to the very last frame. Katy was ahead by 8 pins and my mom threw her first ball, 8 pins. Then she threw her second ball and it went right between the pins so they ended up in a tie.

Rebekah got her own private swimming pool yesterday. Yet when I came home, Rebekah was not in it but Sue and Katy were soaking their feet to cool off. Rebekah did walk in and out of the pool a couple of times.


malibumoons said...

how cool that you guys got to play with the wii.
i have never played, but it looks like fun. Happy Mother's Day Sue. Way cute pictures, your husband is sweet.

Katy said...

The Wii rocks! But, I don't think I'll play g-ma again, I don't want to lose.

P.s. RL loves her pool.

Bren said...

You didnt post the first Wii injury! That was fun!