Monday, March 3, 2008

The Barbeque

We bought a new barbeque at Home Depot last week. Saturday I decided to put it together. Some assembly required. Dang!

Yep, that’s one mighty fine barbeque!

Why doesn’t mine look like that?

Dang. I guess I need to start over. This time I will use the instructions. French, why are the instructions in French. What the heck is “le grille”?

I’m going in. How do they get all those pieces in the one box?

I got the stand put together. Looks good, I think. Will it hold the barbeque part? What holds it on?

Wow, its starting to look like something. That was really heavy. Good thing I have a buff wife to help lift it. Why don’t the holes line up. Dang it. I’ll try a little hammering.

So many pieces. So many boxes. Why are the pieces that go together in different boxes?

The end product. Odds are 10 to 1 in Vegas that it will work.

We tried installing the propane and it fired right up. No extra flames shooting out anywhere that we can see. Sunday night we tried it out. The meat looked cooked to me. Another successful project checked off the list.


Bren said...
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Bren said...

Excellent job! I think we should BBQ for our Sunday night get together this month. I am thinking some fish and steak. Katy just won't eat.

Katy said...

I think it looks great! Awesome handy work dad...

Michael said...

What is the piece that looks like a cap to the left of the lid?

Must be for the spinning part of the grill.

Well done but doesn't your old BBQ look sad :>(