Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Current Events

Welcome to Robert and Suzanne's Blog. After seeing the great work by Katy and Brenda we had to get our Blog started. We are still resting up from our January cruise to the Mexican Reviera where Brenda and Mike got married at sea by the captain. What a great time we had. The best thing about the cruise was just being with the family for the entire week. Baby Rebekah was such a good little girl. Right now we feel deprived as we have no new cruise booked but we will find one soon.

Sue is still working at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, I am still working at Ameron Global in Valencia. We seem to get the most joy from being with our children and babysitting Rebekah who is almost one year old.


Bren said...

Thanks for the Cruise!! We want to go when you plan your next one too. Same arrangement would be awesome!


Lisa said...

hey bob, we want to come too on those arrangements also!